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5 reasons to book your summer Disney trip now!


Ahhhhh, Summer! And this can only mean one thing–Summer Vacation! As many families gear up for travel, the best advice I can offer is to book early–as early as you possibly can. And this is especially important for those planning to visit Disney.

Booking early will allow you a number of benefits, from more room/hotel options to better dining options (yes, you MUST book dining at popular restaurants or risk waiting hours for a table). Check out my 5 fav reasons to book your Disney trip ASAP:

1. Special Offers–during certain times of the year, the Walt Disney World Resort offers specials for a percentage off of room rates, free dining plans, etc. However, they only offer a limited supply, and once the offers are gone–that’s it. Right now, they are offering up to 30% off room rates for stays from June 13-Aug. 14. This is a great deal! Take advantage if you can!

2. Cancellation Policy–Disney’s cancellation policy is pretty awesome. In fact, if you need to cancel your reservation before your final payment is due, they will refund you 100% of your deposit. If you need to cancel within 44 days of arrival, you will only lose your deposit ($200), minus any insurance–but if you can’t make it, you MUST cancel. There are no refunds for no shows. Oh yeah, this is only the policy for Disney resort reservations–airfare is a separate entity and comes with (or without) its own policy.

3. Fun features–once you book a Disney vacation, a number of features become available to you on the Disney website. You can customize your itinerary and dining reservations (or let your travel agent do these for you, hint, hint!) and even create personal park maps for your family–a great keepsake!

4. Dining Reservations–I know I mentioned this earlier, but this is a major MUST! Dining at popular Disney restaurants can be booked up to 180 days in advance–and even then you might have difficulty getting reservations at the ever-popular Cinderella’s Royal Table or Chef Mickey’s. The other option: book dining at odd times. Sure, you might eat at 4, but that means you can hop on more rides and skip those dinner crowds.

5. Excitement–There is nothing better than having something to look forward to. So, book your trip early and then head to your local library to rent some Disney DVDs or check out some factual books about your destination. If you are heading to a bookstore, I recommend Passporter’s Walt Disney World Planner. Not only will this give you a lot of information, it also acts as a great keepsake!

Now that you have Disney on the brain, stay tuned for my next post: Choosing the best Walt Disney World hotel for your trip. . .


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