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Bookings Gone Bad

As a travel consultant (concierge, if you will), I often hear the question: “Why do I need a travel agent? I can just go online and book my vacation myself.”

In all reality, yes, this is true. Most people can go online and book a vacation. What they lack with this process, however, is customization and personalization. And there isn’t anyone to call if something goes wrong. Let me share a couple of stories with you.

True story: My husband, my daughter and I were vacationing over New Year’s this past year. As we were checking into our hotel, I overheard another guest (also checking in) arguing with the front desk staff. Apparently, this gentleman had booked his trip using an online website and the site had reserved him a 1-bedroom suite that slept 4 people. Well, that was all good and fine, but his party consisted of 5 people. Because it was New Year’s, the hotel was sold out and the gentleman was left with two options: stuff everyone in to an overcrowded space or find another hotel. Before my family and I left, I overheard the front desk express their apologies and explain that bookings made through online agents don’t always let the hotel know the number of guests in a party, they simply provide them with a room reservation. Now, I don’t know if this last statement is true but I do know that I, as a travel consultant, am always available to help my guests out–and to ensure that their accommodations are perfect for the travel party.

Which brings me to another true story. A client had chosen to book a hotel down in Florida on the beach–and got a GEAT deal. Upon checking in to the establishment, this person found it dirty and the room hadn’t even been serviced for the day. Reluctantly, my client called me and I was able to find  a nice, clean suite that provided comfort and cleanliness for the remainder of the trip.  However, my client did have to spend the first day in Florida hanging on to a suitcase in a hotel lobby while I searched for the best rate in a great place. 

The bottom line: you get what you pay for. If a deal seems too good to be true, 9 times out of 10, it IS too good to be true. So, call your travel concierge (yeah, I really do like this)–and if you don’t have one, call me! The majority of my services are FREE to the consumer. So why take the risk? Get guaranteed service and the peace of mind knowing that someone is looking out for you! 

I’ll be in touch soon to share more travel news. Next on the agenda: Sandals and Beaches resorts! Stay tuned!


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