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Ahhh, Disney

Yes, I know that at the end of my last article I promised to offer some tips on Sandals and Beaches resorts, but I am totally sidetracked! And I definitely have Disney on the brain. Ever since my daughter was 2, my husband and I have made it a point to visit Disney at least once a year. Well, last year…we missed it. As sad as I was, I kept thinking that we would still get back there soon. However, as this year started creeping away from me, I realized that there was a possibility that we wouldn’t make it again. I just couldn’t let that happen! And I didn’t!

Although we love to go for a week at a time, I am flexible and willing to bend. Instead, we are heading down for only a 4-day weekend this year. Just enough to see the new Fantasyland the attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! Yay! This is my favorite time of year down there. I don’t know why. It must have something to do with the spookiness of the park and the villains roaming around. If you haven’t been down during this time, I highly recommend it! I know that I can’t wait to return. Now, to find an appropriate costume…Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll probably recycle my Wicked Queen costume! She is, after all, one of the oldest Disney characters and we actually had the chance to meet her and talk to her. What a rare find! As you can see, my daughter wasn’t as thrilled as I was to meet her–she may have been a little intimidating! 



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