Pokemon Go for Travel?

I’ll admit, I don’t know much about Pokemon, Pokemon Go, or any of the characters and/or skill(s) involved with the game. However, a recent article posted to The New York Times Travel Page, “How to Make Pokemon Go Actually Useful,” got me thinking.

Like the author, I wonder if this game could really enhance a traveler’s overall experience? It seems the author found a wealth of additional information from the game, especially in New York. But can this same app be used in different countries?

After some research, I found that its initial release includes the US, parts of Europe, and Australasia. Some countries like Jamaica, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil are hoping for release soon–many hoping that it will be available in Brazil prior to people arriving for the Olympics. To view a list of which countries offer play, visit Polygon.

What do you think? Is Pokemon Go an added benefit to travelers or a distraction from the real world and a way to get kids and kids-at-heart to tour a city?




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